MSpa Whirlpool Portable 2023 Tribeca | F-TR062W - New Model

Newly developed for 2023 - the MSpa whirlpool "TRIBECA" - a top class pool. The TRIBECA is a real all-rounder - it impresses both visually and technically with the latest MSpa technology. This is a new combination hot tub model - that is, the Oslo combines the robustness and strength of traditional pools and the characteristic of MSpa portability and easy installation. Thanks to its integrated anti-frost system, this MSPA whirlpool can also be used outdoors all year round. It also impresses with its 120 air nozzles in a 360° bubble system, which you can adjust yourself to the desired intensity in 3 levels. Thanks to its low net weight of just 92 kg, this whirlpool is constantly repositionable, and no power connection is necessary. The integrated self-cleaning function thanks to UVC disinfection and ozone generator also facilitates the care and disinfection of your bath water. The easy operation via the waterproof all-in-one control box - and its antibacterial inner material complete the overall package. New in 2023: the MSPA technology unit for TRIBECA, TUSCANY and MONO now also has a protective lid - to protect against direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions such as hail! The MSPA TRIBECA is also equipped with the new MSPA app "LINK" - with this you always have full control over your whirlpool - designed with an intuitive user interface for easy operation. The app makes it easier for you to set up your MSPA with tips, notes, timer functions and adjustable alarm messages. If you have any problems, you can also reach global MSPA support via the app, which also supports you with questions. In the quick start area of your MSPA app, you can turn the heating, bubble or filter function on or off at any time with just one touch.
All year round use thanks to the anti-frost system: thanks to the integrated anti-frost system, a year-round, carefree use, even in the outdoor area. Thus, a sudden temperature drop is no problem in the absence - if the temperature of the water drops below 1°C, the heater automatically starts and heats it up to 3°C. This prevents freezing and protects the whirlpool elements from frost damage. Box contents: MSpa Whirlpool Tribeca 2023 with control box, instruction manual, inflatable heat cover, whirlpool cover with buckle closure, 2 x filter cartridges, 1 x filter adaptor, 1 x MSPA floor mat, air hose and garden hose adaptor New, practical & elegant - the waterproof all-in-one control box: simple, space-saving & waterproof - with the all-in-one control box, you can easily and quickly control your whirlpool at any time - includes energy-saving timer. The control box of the MSpa Tribeca now has a lid to protect against strong external influences and extreme weather conditions Full control at any time through the new MSPA app: the new MSPA Whirlpool Tribeca is now also controllable via app – with the new MSPA app you have full control over your whirlpool anytime and anywhere – designed with an intuitive user interface for easy operation. The app also makes it easier to use your MSPA's with tips, notes and adjustable alarm messages. MSpa whirlpool in wood look + quick assembly. The MSPA Tribeca 2023 is characterised by its elegant, dark walnut finish - also thanks to its low net weight of approx. 92 kg quick to set up and re-positioned. Do you want to position your MSpa Whirlpool Tribeca in another place? No problem! Thanks to the simple assembly system, you can dismantle and reposition your whirlpool at any time without heavy devices or forward Hygienic and clean – combination of ozone generator and UVC disinfection kills up to 60 types of bacteria 2023: Thanks to the MDCT filter system, the new 2023 MSPA Whirlpool models are even more efficient than the previous models: the water circulation speed has been increased to 1800L/h - thus an improvement by 36% of the frame models from 2021 - and the pump consumes 30% less energy than the pump of the predecessors! In addition, the X-ring integrated in 2023 has a longer service life - this ensures a service life of 10,000 hours of continuous operation. Protection and comfort: in the MSpa Tribeca 2023 you have a built-in overheating protection and an integrated safety protection switch. In addition, the included cover with buckles protects your whirlpool not only from falling leaves - but also from unattended use by children or pets. The non-slip floor attachment including 6 comfortable seat pads in the MSPA TRIBECA also ensures better grip and more relaxed bathing comfort. No strong current required! Technical data: capacity: 850 L, net weight: 92 kg, 6 people, height: 65 cm, width: 160 cm, length: 120 air nozzles, manufacturer number: F-TR062W, year of manufacture: 2023, no strong power required, power heating element: 2200 W, power massage pump: 7200 W. W in 3 Levels - control: control box + MSPA app, water temperature: max. 40°C
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