MSpa OSLO Hydromassage Jet LED Hot Tub

The new OSLO Hot Tub is visually spectacular, boasting the most recent technological advancements. This gorgeous hot tub combines the robustness of a conventional hard tub with the convenience of easy installation and mobility. Experience several hydromassage jets and enjoy the adjustable air bubbling technology. A luxurious remote control light strip further enhances the ambience, providing an unrivalled experience in evening light.
Why choose the MSpa Oslo? Acrylic Body Provides rigidity, durability and a luxury feel that is extremely easy to keep clean 2000w Heating Heating element is extremely quick and powerful, it quickly brings the temperature of the tub to the desired level 1800 Litres/Hour Stronger water flow with greatly increased circulation greatly improves the water quality with the filter system 30% More Energy Efficient MDC technology reduces energy consumption of the filtration system by 30% MSpa Wifi Control Application Simple Wifi Control With The MSpa Mobile App It's just like a real control panel, but a portable and smarter one. All operations that can be done by a physical penel can now be done from anywhere with just a click! APP INFO OLED Control Panel All your spa controls in one convenient unit! Easily control your hot tub from the easy to use control center. The OSLO's sleek and foldable OLED touch screen allows you to effortlessly reach and manage all your hot tubs features right from the screen. Light Up The Night Take your experience to the next level with beautiful lighting. The LED light strip at the bottom makes your tub GLOW. Translucent fabric elements allow beautiful patterns to shine through for a truly romantic environment for your evening soaks. Switch colours based on your mood and enjoy late into the night. Hydromassage Jets Plus Going beyond just comfort, hydromassage provides amazing health benefits for your mental and physical health. Enjoy an immersive at home experience that has been shown to relieve muscle soreness and tension, soothe minor aches and pains, and reduce stress and anxiety. Specifications Item Number F-OS063W Size and Weight Height: 65cm (26″) Width: 160cm (63″) Net Weight: 117.5 kg (259 lb) Filled Weight: 968 kg (2,104 lb) Capacity 6 persons icon Up to 6 adults Water Capacity Filled to the Max. Water Line 850 Liters (224 Gallons) Power Control System: 220 – 240v / 50 Hz Heater: 2200W Massage Air Jet: 720W – 3 levels (300W, 500W, 720W) Jet Pump: 1100W Hydro Massage System Air Bubbling System: 120 Jets Hydro Jets: 4 Sets (8 adjustable nozzles) Heater Heat Increasing Rate: 1.6 – 2.2°C per hour Max. Water Temperature: 40°C (104°F) Filter Pump Circulated Water Flow: 1800 Liters (545 Gallons) per hour Ozone Integrated Generator: 5.5W Ozone Output: 30 – 50Mg/Hr Certification UKCA icon CE icon UKCA / CE approved Packaging Colour Paper Box 68 x 52 x 60cm 138 x 61 x 32cm 65 x 54 x 59cm 138 x 61 x 23cm In the Box OSLO Hot Tub All-in-one Control Box Inflatable Bladder Buckle Spa Cover Foldable Ground Mat Chemical Dispenser LED Strip Filter Cartridge x 2 Filter Cartridge Base
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