MSPA Lite 2020 anti-particle kit

MSPA Lite 2020 anti-particle kit for all the MSPA inflatable spa
Compatible with all MSPA Lite 2020 inflatable spas
MSPA reference : B9301467
Used to reduce the risks of code E1
Included : 1 MSPA® filter cartridge; 1 Protection bag for inflatable spa filter; 1 high-flow filter base.

Please note this will only work with the new 2020 spec spas


The MSPA Lite 2020 anti-particle kit is compatible with MSPA Lite 2020 inflatable spas.

Prevents risks of E1 code -  Its limits the infiltration and accumulation of deposits (hair, dead leaves etc.) in the filter and pump of your spa.

MSPA reference : B9301467

This kit includes :

  • 1 MSPA filter cartrigde
  • 1 protection bag
  • 1 high-flow filter base
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